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Is The Annual Inspection For A Furnace Necessary?

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If you have been skipping out on an annual inspection of your furnace, you could be putting your equipment at risk. An annual inspection not only helps to keep your furnace running at its best, but it could potentially lead to the detection of problems before they worsen. Here is what you need to know about the annual inspection and its importance.  

Why Is It Necessary?

When your furnace is running great, the thought of calling in your HVAC technician might seem strange. However, it is important that you do not skip out on the annual inspection. There are many reasons you need to schedule an inspection, but the most important one is probably the health and safety of your family. 

An inspection helps to ensure that your furnace is not at risk for a fire and that it is not emitting dangerous gases that could harm your family. Although your furnace is equipped with safety features that are designed to prevent these occurrences, there is still a possibility that the features could fail.  

An annual inspection is also important in helping you keep your warranty valid. Your furnace's warranty likely calls for an inspection, and if you fail to get one, the manufacturer could refuse to cover the cost of repairs based on neglect.  

Your inspection could also potentially save you money on energy bills. When your furnace is not running at its best, it has to work harder to compensate for its decreased performance level. As a result, your energy costs will be significantly higher.  

What Happens During an Inspection?

The inspection is more than the HVAC technician visually inspecting the furnace. He or she will perform a number of duties to ensure the unit is operating efficiently. For instance, the technician will change the filter, which can help improve air quality and decrease your energy costs.  

He or she will also inspect and clean the blower compartment. The compartment can experience a buildup of dust that can clog the furnace. The technician will also look for holes that might be in the compartment and repair them.  

Depending on the age of your furnace, it might have motor bearings that need to be oiled. Without the oil, the motor could overheat and cause the furnace to fail. During the inspection, the bearings will be oiled, and, if the bearings are in need of replacement, the technician can handle it.  

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