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Keeping On Top Of Air Conditioning System Maintenance

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Having an air conditioning system that is working perfectly is a very nice luxury to have. It seems that when the air conditioning system wants to fail, it does so in the heat of summer. However, there are a few different actions that you can take to ensure that your air conditioning system stays functioning all through the summer months. Here are just a few different ways that you can ensure that your air conditioning system stays functional for as long as possible. 

Air Compressor

One of the most important aspects to the air conditioning system is the air compressor that is on the outside of your home. Without the air compressor, the air conditioning in your home would simply not work. So, you need to make sure that it is functioning properly. One of the first things that you want to do with your air conditioning compressor is cut back all debris from the compressor. You also want to open the compressor up and clean all debris from inside. This is a good time to fix and straighten the fins on the compressor. You also want to ensure that the compressor is level. If the compressor is not level, then the coolant and refrigerant that runs through the compressor is not going to be able to flow properly. That is why you see most compressors on a cement slab. If your compressor is not level, be sure to level it.

Air Ducts 

If the air in your home is not flowing properly, it could be because the air ducts are partly blocked. Often dust, mold, and other debris can get caught where the air ducts split. If your air ducts are blocked, then your air conditioning system has to work much harder to push the air through the home. This is going to increase the energy needed to run the system, and you are going to lose money. When the system works harder, it puts a lot of extra strain on the system and makes it much more likely that there will be a malfunction.


Having a major problem with your air conditioning unit can be expensive, but if you try to prevent the major problems beforehand, then you can save a lot of money. Having a technician come to the home and fix the small problems can help prevent all the major problems that can arise down the road.

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