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Furnace Acting Up? Try This!

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Is your furnace acting up? Does it feel like the hot air is not pumping out like it should? There could be a countless number of explanations for a malfunctioning furnace. You will probably need to have your furnace serviced by an HVAC professional if you have a serious problem. But, there is also a chance the problem can be fixed in a matter of minutes. Best of all, you can often do the repair on your own. Here are two things to check before you pick up the phone to schedule an HVAC appointment:

The Furnace is Part of the AC Too

First of all, it is very important that you realize that the furnace is not just part of the heating system. Is actually also used when the air conditioning is running. So, just because your furnace was working well the last time you ran your heat at the end of the previous winter, does not mean it will still be properly functioning at the beginning of this winter. Something could've happened during the summer when you were constantly running your air conditioner, that affected the functionality of the furnace.

Clean the Filter and Compartment

Usually, the problem has to do with the filter. Luckily, filter issues are very easy to fix in most instances. If you pull your filter out of the furnace and it is kicked up in and dust and debris, this could be the entire explanation for weak airflow. If your filter really is that dirty, you also want to look inside the empty compartment and clean it out as well. The problem is that many people replace their filter regularly, but never clean out the compartment. Dust that doesn't stick to the filter usually ends up in the compartment, where it can clog both the input and output ducts.

If it appears that your filter is clean, then the problem is obviously somewhere else. Another thing that you can quickly check it Is to make sure that blower is clean and not clogged. The blower is chiefly responsible for producing airflow, and your system will be ineffective if it is not working. First of all, make sure that the blower is actually powering on when the furnace is running. You should be able to hear it, it sounds like a fan. If you want to clean your blower, just turn off your furnace and open the main cabinet door. Once the door is open, you will see the blower because it is the largest component inside. Vacuuming it out and wiping down the side walls might help increase airflow if there is clogging.

Contact a furnace repair service for more information and assistance.