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How To Maintain Better Air Quality In Your Home

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Maintaining your HVAC system is not only a matter of energy efficiency and keeping down your utility bills, but it also can affect your health. Most importantly, homeowners who suffer from allergies are more likely to have reactions if they don't regularly maintain certain aspects of the HVAC system. Remember, the HVAC system not only heats and cools your home, but it also circulates the air to keep it clean. There is a multi-stage filtering system that does its part to reduce allergens, dust, and more. But, if the filtering system is not properly kept up, you are bound to have more allergy problems. On top of that, the air circulating through your home could be stale and smelly. This article explains a few of the best ways to maintain the filtering system in a home with central HVAC:

Good Filter Maintenance is Key

Most people already know how to change an air filter. It is a simple job that doesn't need any explaining. However, most people don't change their air filters as often as suggested. It really depends on your exact furnace model, the size of the filter, the efficiency of the evaporator, and how often you run your heat or AC. You will generally want to change your air filter at least once a year. So, the first step to clean air is changing your filter on a regular basis. But, changing the filter is not always going to be a total solution.

Keeping Up Clean Ducts

Another important thing you need to do to maintain clean air throughout your home is to have your ducts cleaned regularly. The cleaning is a job that can be a DIY project, but you will need a few special tools. In order to adequately clean your ducts, you need a duct cleaning brush and a telescoping pole. However, the job, if anything, can be awkward. You need to work on top of the ladder and often crawling down on your hands and knees. Basically, you can do it yourself if you are ambitious and resourceful, but most homeowners just call in professionals.

Professional duct service is fairly inexpensive. For less than $200, you could have your ducts professionally cleaned. To many homeowners, this is an easy choice, and far more practical than trying to do the cleaning yourself over the period of several days.

Keeping clean ducts and air filters are probably the most important thing to do if you are hoping to increase the air quality in your home. Contact a company like Tailor Made Maintenance Inc for more information and assistance.