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DIY Or Professional HVAC Repair? Which Should You Opt For?

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You don't need to spend a bunch of time and money to keep your AC system functioning like new. Even small cleaning jobs can contribute to the efficiency of your system and help reduce your monthly bills. But, you will also need to invest in some professional services of the years. This article looks at some jobs you can do yourself, and should help you decide when it is best to pass it on to the pros.

DIY Jobs

Duct cleaning is one job that many people pay for, because they don't even think about doing it on their own. But, you can remove your registers from the wall and clean your ducts, although you nee to have the right tools. It is awkward work, but it is not rocket science.

Cleaning your evaporator, which is located in the furnace cabinet is also very easy. The evaporator has copper coils that get clogged with dust build up. Vacuuming this dust out of the coils can make them work better, which enables the refrigerant to conduct temperature better and prevents your furnace from using too much electricity.

Even just adjusting and cleaning your air registers can be helpful. Make sure they're all open and clean. Some people simply forget to adjust their air registers and can't figure out why they are having such bad airflow. If your registers are not properly adjusted, your air conditioning will have to work harder to circulate air and cool down your home.

As you can see, some projects and very easy to handle yourself. However, many homeowners just leave the work to professional because they don't have the time or patience for figuring out the solution to their problem.

Professional Repairs Diagnoses

Most electrical work, especially anything connected to the compressor or condenser is technical work that needs to be handled by a professional HVAC technician that is contracted and insured. In fact, professional HVAC contractors, such as those from a place like John Legg's Heating & Air Conditioning, can usually do a thorough inspection that will determine the problem areas in your system. It is definitely worth it to help find and prevent more serious problems that could be on the horizon. Healthy HVAC systems depend very heavily on taking the proper preventative measures, so don't neglect basic maintenance or regular service calls.

In the end, cleaning and maintaining your AC unit is something that you can do yourself, but any sort of electrical repair or maintenance should be left to professionals.