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The Importance Of The Compressor

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Smart homeowners will do whatever they can to keep down their utility bills. The electricity that you use just to heat and cool your home can be a very large percentage of the overall energy consumption. So, if you do a few things to make your system more efficient, it could definitely save you money in the long run. This article shows how simply investing $50 in your home can save you much more than that after a few months.

The Importance of an AC Compressor

The compressor is one of the most important components in air conditioning system. It is housed inside the main condenser unit which is on outside of there building. A compressor basically turns the refrigerant into gas. This is a vital part of heat transfer process because it helps draw hot air out of the home, which in turn drives cold air into it. This is obviously an oversimplification of a very complicated electrical component.

What is most important for homeowners to know is that if the compressor if not regularly serviced, it can fail, causing the entire system to struggle. The best way to tell if you are having a compressor problem is to turn on your air conditioner. If the fan is turning on, but the air that is being pumped into your home does not feel cold, it could be a compressor issue. Also, if you air seems to be damp or muggy, the compressor could be malfunctioning.

Having Your Compressor Serviced

Basically, it is smart to check these things beforehand so you can call an HVAC professional and tell them right off the bat that you want them to come service your compressor. If you call without any sort of knowledge and the possible problem, will have to check everything, and this will be far more costly. Many professional will perform a service call and compressor cleaning for $50 or cheaper.

On top of this, they can test the integrity of your compressor to make sure it is working to maximum capacity. The compressor is an often misdiagnosed component. Many people end up having their compressor replaced, but it doesn't solve the problem. But, regular maintenance is key to keeping it running at its maximum capacity.

If you do need to replace your compressor, it can modernize your AC system and bring it up to current efficiency standards. However, the job can cost several hundred dollars. To learn more, contact an air condition repair company.