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3 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Winter

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As the temperatures drop this fall, make sure that you are getting your home ready for the cold weather that is on its way. With a few adjustments to your home, you can stay nice and warm this winter without breaking the bank.

#1 Get Your Heater Inspected

This fall, call up your local heating and air conditioning repair company, a place like Falcon Fuel, and arrange for an inspection of your heater. Even if you don't think anything is wrong with your heater, you should have it inspected.

A qualified repair technician will change the filter on your heater. They will tighten any components that have gotten loose over time. They will grease any moving parts that need a little lubrication. They will be able to identify parts that are worn out and replace them before they cause an issue. They can inspect your ductwork system and make sure that you are not losing air or energy anywhere along the way.

A qualified HVAC technician will make sure that your heater is ready when you need it.

#2 Upgrade Your Thermostat

Next, you may want to upgrade your thermostat. Upgrading to a new thermostat will allow your heater to run more effectively.

Over time, dust and dirt can get into your old thermostat, causing it to lose its calibration and cost you more money over time when you are not getting the right information from your thermostat. Additionally, if you have an old-style thermostat that you have to manual adjust, you are losing out on the savings of having a programmable thermostat.

Upgrading to a programmable thermostat will ensure that you are getting accurate information from your thermostat. You will also be able to use your thermostat to adjust the temperature in your home throughout the day by putting everything on a schedule.

#3 Get Rid of Drafts

Finally, work to get rid of drafts in your home. Drafts can really put a chill on your home and cause your heater to work harder than it needs to.

Use weather stripping to ensure that all of your windows are firmly sealed shut. Put caulking around your window and door frames to prevent air from leaking around them. Make sure that any holes that lead out of your home, for plumbing and electrical reasons, are filled in.

Feel around your door to see how much air is coming in around your door. If you feel air coming in around your door, add weather stripping to the side of your door to keep the air out. Add a stopper to the bottom of your door to keep the air out as well.

Put up blinds and curtains over your windows to cut down on the draft created by the heat transfer from your windows into your home.

Get ready for winter by having your heater inspected by a professional. Upgrade your thermostat to one that is programmable and well-calibrated. Get rid of drafts around your home. These simple steps will make it a little easier to keep your home warm this winter.