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A Closer Look at Heating Maintenance Service, Contracts, and Costs

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Your home heating system is a valuable thing, so taking care of it must be a top priority. Check out some of the common questions homeowners tend to have about heating maintenance services. 

Are heating system maintenance contracts a good idea?

Some companies offer a maintenance contract for homeowners who want to be diligent about keeping their heating and cooling systems properly maintained. For a set contract price every year, the company will handle all of your maintenance needs, which can include things like the following: 

  • Checking your system at the onset of winter to make sure it is good to go 
  • Cleaning your heat system and ductwork as needed
  • Replacing parts on your unit when they go out
  • Making general repairs and adjustments to keep your system running well
  • Lubricating fans and other moving parts

If you don't have time to mess with any of your own HVAC maintenance, these service contracts can be worth the cost and will protect your system for the long term. As an added advantage, a lot of these service contracts will mean you get priority service when or if something goes wrong, such as a furnace failure in the middle of winter. 

Which home heating system is the hardest to maintain?

Most heating systems and furnaces do not require a great deal of attention to remain functional. However, all systems do require some level of annual maintenance, but the type that will require the most maintenance is a boiler system. Even though boiler systems are not as popular as they once were, they are still an efficient way to heat the home, and there are even modern units available. Boilers have to be flushed and regularly cleaned, sometimes more than once during a heating season if the system is old. Radiators have to be purged of air and pressure release valves have to be checked often.

What is the typical cost for a regular visit from a heating system maintenance service?

The cost of maintenance visits can vary from place to place and depend on what type of system you have. A standard tune-up will likely cost you between $70 and $100. Heating systems that are harder to maintain and require more attention will naturally cost you more where maintenance services are concerned. Some companies offer an all-in-one price to cover all types of maintenance visits, but some will charge you by the hour for the visit. 

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