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Four Ways To Be Less Sick This Winter

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Getting sick in winter is a common thing. You almost expect it to happen the minute you turn on the heat for the first time. However, you might be surprised to learn that some people are never sick in winter; not even a sniffle. How do they do it? Are they superhuman? Do they get their flu shots and take their anti-cold virus medicine before everyone else does? Actually, none of that really contributes to their health (although the flu vaccine is still recommended). Here are four things particularly smart and very healthy people do to make sure they are not ill a single day every winter. 

Air Duct Cleaning

Healthy individuals have very clean air ducts. They probably get theirs cleaned every fall, right before the need for heat occurs. Cleaning out the air ducts removes every last dust particle, every bug and spider carapace that can cause allergies, and every skin scraping that ever fell loose from the human bodies around your home. Clean air ducts mean that nothing but hot air from your furnace can flow through, and you will not believe what a difference it makes in your ability to breathe freely all winter. Contact a professional for air duct cleaning.

Change Your Furnace Filters Often

Your HVAC technician will check and change your furnace's air filter when he or she performs the air duct cleaning. The filter removes a lot of what can cause upper respiratory problems while your furnace or A/C is in operation. With clean air ducts and a clean filter, you can rule these things out if and when you do get a sniffle. 

Thorough Dusting of Your Home

Dust collects fairly quickly over the course of just a single month. If you let it go months at a time, you will find thick layers of dust on everything. Dust everything well in October and once a month each month through the colder months. It makes a big difference in your health. 

Sanitize Frequently Touched Surfaces

If you have kids, then you have more germs than you know. They go to school, pick stuff up, bring it home, and share it with the rest of the family via all the surfaces they touch. Use a sanitizing cleaner to clean frequently touched surfaces, such as light switches, doorknobs, faucet handles, sink countertops, appliance handles (e.g., refrigerator, microwave, etc.), and of course, the toilet seat and toilet flush handle. If you kill the bugs before they can spread, you will be less likely to get sick this winter.