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LED Lights Flickering? 2 Possible Causes And Tips To Get The Lights Fixed

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Many homes today have LED lights because they offer many benefits, such as lasting much longer than traditional lights. If you have LED lights in your home and they are flickering, this can be caused by many things. You should know that LED lights rarely have problems, so the flickering is likely not due to the light itself. You should still try to replace the light, however, just in case the actual bulb is causing the flickering. 

Problems with the Dimmer Switch

One thing that can cause LED lights to flicker is having problems with the dimmer switch.  This is often due to an older dimmer switch. If this is the case, the switch can be replaced to repair this problem. If replacing the dimmer switch does not stop the LED lights from flickering, an electrician will look further to determine another type of problem you may be having. 

If you have several dimmer switches in your home, you should consider replacing all of them while the electrician is there. This will ensure that you will not have problems with other dimmers at a later date.

You should not try to replace the dimmer switch on your own, especially if you do not have any electrical experience. This is because you could easily make mistakes and cause the problem to become worse.

Too Much Wattage

There are many appliances that use a lot of power when they are first turned on. The rush of current from the motor that is inside the appliance can cause a power surge if you do not have enough wattage. Also, the appliance can also use too much power while it is running. If you have installed any new appliances lately, this is likely your problem. 

An electrician will check your circuit breakers to determine what wattage they are. The electrician will also determine if breakers have too many appliances. For example, one breaker may be powering more than one appliance, such as the refrigerator, washer, stove, dryer, etc. If so, each of these things should be on a separate breaker.  There should also be enough wattage on each breaker. If not, the electrician can replace the breakers that need more wattage.

If you live in an older home, ask the electrician to check all your electrical wiring. This may be a good time to do an electrical upgrade. This will not only repair the flickering light problem but also help prevent an electrical fire. This is because loose wires, bad electrician connections, etc. can result in a fire that would quickly spread throughout your home. Your electrician can tell you if this is something you should do.

Contact a local electrician for more information.