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How To Ensure Your New AC Saves You A Bundle On Energy

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One of the main reasons people upgrade their air conditioners is to save money on energy. Today's air conditioners are a whole lot more efficient than those made even 10 years ago. Plus, as air conditioners age, they tend to become less efficient, meaning that a new one can be better! Simply having a new AC installed will reduce your energy bills, but if you really want to take efficiency to the next level, here are some ways to make sure your new AC saves you more.

1. Ask your installer about moving the vents and/or thermostat.

You might take the position of your thermostat and vents for granted if you've lived in this house for a while. However, these things can be moved, and sometimes moving them is the best choice for energy efficiency. For example, if your thermostat is on an outside wall or near a window, it may not be reading accurately, so your air conditioner may be turning on too often. Moving it to an inside wall may yield a more accurate reading and improved energy efficiency. The same is true of vents. If they are placed too close to an outside wall, the cold air they're releasing may get negated by warmth from the wall. Moving them may be a good idea, and the best time to do this is when your air conditioner is being installed.

2. Ask about duct sealing.

Make sure your installer looks over the ducts to ensure there are no big leaks. Often, leaks develop in ducts over time as they get jostled and develop gaps in the joints. Your contractor can seal these leaks, and they can also apply a sealant along the other duct seams to make sure no new leaks develop. This will keep your new air conditioner operating efficiently in the years to come.

3. Upgrade your thermostat.

If you don't already have a WiFi thermostat, have your installer recommend one that coordinates well with the air conditioner you choose. A WiFi thermostat gives you even more control over your home temperature than a standard programmable thermostat. You can adjust the temperature remotely when you're not at home, and you can see your usage data to adjust your use over time. 

If you want your air conditioner to operate as efficiently as possible, then you need to look to your vents, thermostat, and your ducts. Contact an AC installation company like Edelman Inc. to learn more.