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Hotels Are Marketing Air Purifying Air Conditioning As A New Amenity

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As hotels reopen around the world post-pandemic, hotel guests are demanding new health and sanitation services. Major hotel chains are accommodating them with contactless check in, temperature check controls, and lots of air conditioning filter changes. 

As hotels reinvent themselves for the sanitary traveler, air conditioning maintenance is becoming increasingly important to their competitive advantage. Air conditioning air quality is at the center of hotel efforts to implement stricter environmental quality standards. Going forward, the hotels more concerned with sanitation than aesthetics will compete on:

Air Filter Replacements 

Hotels are in a race to have the most sanitary accommodations in the business. Most have been guided by the World Health Organization's recently released COVID-19 guidelines for the accommodation sector on HVAC maintenance. Almost universally, hotels are conducting more frequent checks of air conditioning systems and changing air filters more often. These checks involve regular AC maintenance, including cleaning of coils and contacts. Typically done annually, quarterly and monthly filter changes are being performed. 

Fresh Air Circulation 

Hotels, as well as other commercial buildings, are seeking to recycle less air and instead improve the circulation of fresh air. The emphasis on air quality is increasing demand for air conditioning systems that process fresh air rather than returned air. Fresh air ducts are being added to increase fresh air flow and filters added to exhaust ducts to clean air exiting a building. Air conditioning and heating systems controlled by smart systems maintain moderate temperature and humidity settings to avoid the growth of molds and other toxins. Concomitantly, demand is expected to grow for other types of air quality sensors, such as those that monitor gases from air conditioning refrigerants and CO2.

Advanced Air Filter Technologies 

The trend towards hotels placing separate remote-controlled heating/air conditioning units in each room provides an opportunity to market air quality as an amenity. Accordingly, advanced filters with super microparticulate destroying power could be promoted in the same way the Ritz Carlton promotes its luxury Asprey toiletries. During regular AC maintenance and filter changes, hotels will be seeking advanced air filter technologies. They will include the latest activated carbon solutions and ultraviolet light filters to destroy airborne particles and microbes.

Serviced by air purifying, air conditioning systems, the future hotel room will be sanitized and sealed. Do not be surprised to one day see hygiene bands not only draped over your toilet but also the newly tuned up air conditioning unit.