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What To Do If Your Heating System Stops Working

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If your home's heating system stops working and the temperatures are low enough that you need heat in your home, you will most likely need to call a heating contractor for emergency heating repair. The time that it takes for the heating contractor to arrive can vary, but most companies can provide emergency services when necessary. 

Things You Can Check

When the heat goes out in your home, there are a few things you can check before the meeting contractor arrives at your home. Systems that use fuel like heating oil or propane may be out of fuel, while electric heating systems may not be getting power. 

Checking things like the breaker for the furnace or the fuel level for your heating system before calling a contractor for emergency heating repair is an excellent place to start. If you don't see any obvious issues, you will need the heating company to come out and inspect the system for you.

Resetting a breaker or hitting the reset button on your heating system is okay, but do not try and reset them if either of those trips a second time. Wait for the heating contractor to arrive and address the issues.

Strange Sounds or Odors

When your heating system stops working, you may hear an odd sound coming from it. If you notice a sound that is not normal coming from the system, pass that information along to the emergency heating repair contractor when you call them. 

Odors coming from the heating system can also be a clue as to what is happening inside. The heating contractor can often use that information about these sounds and odors to determine where to start looking for the problem. For example, a rubber smell coming from the system may indicate a slipping belt, while that same smell followed by a loud banging sound may indicate that the belt started slipping and then broke. The emergency heating repair contractor will be able to tell what is happening once they arrive and open up the heating system. However, letting them know what you heard or smelled before the system stopped can make it for them easier to bring parts they may need when coming to the home.

Waiting For Help

If you have to wait for emergency heating repair in your home and it is cold outside, you can use an electric heater to stay warm, but avoiding propane or kerosene heaters is a good idea. While those heaters work, they are dangerous if not used properly.

If it gets so cold in your home that you can not stay there, let the emergency heating repair contractor know so they can call you to meet them at the house when they are headed there. 

For more information, contact an emergency heating repair service.