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Why Isn't My Furnace Firing As Expected?

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Have you tried to ignite your furnace but you haven't succeeded? Whether it's the first time you turn the unit on because of the winter season or not, this experience can be nerve-wracking. The first thing that may come to your mind is wondering how your family will survive the cold weather if the unit doesn't ignite. You'll also be wondering if you should get a furnace repair technician to check it out and fix the problem. Knowing the main reasons why this issue occurred can help you make a smart decision. Here are the top causes of a furnace ignition problem.

You Probably Have a Circuit Breaker Issue

The main thing you need to check when your furnace fails to ignite is the circuit breaker. Start by checking if the electrical outputs that power the cooker, microwave, or fridge are still working. Then check the condition of the furnace's circuit breaker. Is the switch on or off? If it's on the "off" area, it means the circuit tripped, so placing it back to "on" could ignite the furnace. If the circuit trips again when you try to ignite the furnace, you'll know you have a complex problem that can only be fixed when you seek furnace repair services.

You Likely Haven't Set the Thermostat Properly

Ideally, you're supposed to set the thermostat to a higher temperature to allow the furnace to run once ignited. So, verify if the device is set to heat the house or increase the temperatures slightly, and then turn the unit on. If the blower does not start, you will know you have an issue with the heating unit. Also, look out for an error code on the furnace. A display error is shown on the programable thermostat if there is a serious problem only a seasoned furnace technician can handle.

You Probably Have a Problem with the Ignition Sensor

Another reason why your furnace may not fire is if the ignition sensor or pilot light is faulty. This is the primary problem if your furnace makes a clicking sound when it's turned on but fails to fire up. Most DIY enthusiasts usually opt to fix the faulty sensor issue, particularly when they see it's dirty, but this doesn't mean that they can succeed. This can be unsafe, especially if the online tutorial you are using is not factual. It would be better to let a technician handle the sensor issue to clean or fix it without breaking it. Knowing the primary cause of a furnace ignition issue will determine if it's time to invest in furnace repair. In case you aren't sure or don't want to diagnose the problem on your behalf, you should get a seasoned furnace technician immediately.

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