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Is Your AC Producing These Weird Noises? Here's What They Mean

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If your heating and cooling system is performing normally, it will make some sounds, like air whooshing through the vents or a quiet hum. However, there are instances when the noise produced by your unit can be disruptive and annoying. Is your air conditioning unit producing odd noises? Continue reading this article to learn what they mean.

1. Hissing sounds

If you hear low hissing sounds coming from your AC, it could indicate that you haven't installed the right filter size or it doesn't fit properly.  But, there are instances when the hissing gets louder. In such a case, it's an indication that there's a pressure leak within the system. This usually happens in the drain system, where the air gets in or escapes. If air is escaping through your system, it's a sign that you need urgent AC repair from a qualified technician.

2. Rattling noises

Rattling noises from your air conditioning unit could originate from your outdoor system. This sound can occur when debris and dust accumulate in the unit. You can fix this issue by doing a visual inspection and then remove any debris present. As you go about this, ensure that your unit is turned off. However, if the rattling noise is from an internal component like a furnace, you should immediately shut down your system and seek the services of an experienced air conditioning technician.

3. Clanking sounds

If you hear a clanking noise coming from your vent, it means that there are loose parts that need to be fitted correctly. A clanking noise could also mean that your outdoor fan and indoor blower are out of balance. So, the moment you hear this sound, contact an AC repair professional to inspect your unit. 

4. Constant clicking sounds 

Clicking sounds are a common occurrence when your air conditioner's electrical parts shut down or startup. Such sounds signify that some of your HVAC components are brushing other parts while your unit is running. A clicking sound from your AC isn't normal, and it may also indicate that your thermostat is failing or you've got a defective control panel. These issues can cause your unit to malfunction if not addressed on time, which is why an air conditioning service is paramount.

Noises from your AC don't just disrupt your peace; they point out plenty of equipment issues that may affect the performance of your unit. Therefore, in case you hear any of the noises mentioned above, contact an air conditioning technician immediately.