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You Need Plumbing Services If You Notice These Signs Of An Undetected Water Leak

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Do not expect a water leak to be obvious. Many homeowners think that water leaks will present themselves as dramatic experiences such as burst pipes puddles of water on their floors. It is possible to have water leaks that go undetected. These leaks might release less water, but they can wreak just as much damage to homes. Perhaps you are wondering how to tell if you have one. Pay attention to the subtle signs, which are sometimes dismissed or overlooked by homeowners. The following points represent a few things that can happen when there are undetected leaks in a home.

Water Meter Constantly Running

Homeowners can check their water meters if they suspect undetected leaks. It is simple to do. First, turn off all water and refrain from using appliances that require water. If all of the water is off and your water meter's wheel continues to move, it is a sign that there is likely an undetected leak.

Foundation cracks that are related to malfunctioned plumbing systems are referred to as slab leaks. These cracks will get large if the leak is not addressed. The larger the cracks get, the less structurally sound the foundation will be. Damage beyond the foundation will occur. In extreme cases, wall and window cracks may occur. Homeowners may also experience window and door frame warping, which means that windows and doors will be difficult to open and close. Signs of a slab leak may also include the sound of running water even when there are no plumbing fixtures in use. 

Signs of Water Damage

There are a few signs of water damage that individuals can use their senses to identify. Compromised building materials are one example. Homeowners might notice brown spots and traces of mold on their walls or ceilings. The trace amounts of old are a good indicator that there is mold elsewhere in the home. The location will likely be behind the walls and ceilings. The darkness and moisture will encourage the rapid spread of mold if a repair is not made. If mold is lurking elsewhere, homeowners might notice a peculiar odor.

A plumber is a good resource to use if you suspect an undetected water leak. Waiting for all of the signs that a leak exists is discouraged. It can lead to significant damages that require expensive repairs. Plumbers have the skills and equipment to identify hidden leaks. They can use these to find the location of leaks and make emergency plumbing repairs. Contact local plumbing services if you suspect that you have a leak.