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Basic Fire Equipment To Have On Standby In Your Home

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Fire can strike any home no matter how old the home is, so you should always be prepared to keep your family safe. You can do that by keeping fire equipment in your home and making sure everyone knows how to use it. Here's a look at useful and affordable equipment to consider getting for your home to guard against a fire.

Smoke And Heat Alarms

You can buy individual heat or smoke alarms, but it's convenient to buy an alarm that detects both smoke and heat so the alarm is triggered when a fire breaks out or when something starts smoking. Make sure you change the battery on schedule so the alarm always functions.

You'll probably want more than one alarm even if your home only has one level. The alarms should be placed on each floor and outside each bedroom. You'll also want an alarm near but not inside your kitchen where it might go off constantly when cooking.

Fire Extinguishers

Your home also needs fire extinguishers. There are different types and sizes you can buy, but a multipurpose ABC extinguisher could be your best choice since it works on a variety of fire types. This keeps you from storing different kinds of extinguishers and then wasting time trying to figure out which kind to use. Be sure to choose a fire extinguisher that you can lift and handle easily so you'll be able to use it if a fire ever breaks out.

Also, store the extinguisher in a place where you can grab it easily. You may want a few extinguishers placed in different areas of your home so you never have to run very far to get one. Make sure everyone in your home knows how to use an extinguisher so they don't have to fumble or read directions when under stress during a fire.

Extinguishers are some of the most important types of fire equipment you can have since one will put out a small fire before it has a chance to grow and cause a lot of damage.

Escape Equipment

When a fire breaks out in your home, you may not have time to fight it. Escaping may be the best option. It's important to have windows that operate so you can get out of your house. Bars over your windows can be dangerous if they can't be unlocked from the inside. Glass may be difficult to break out, so windows should always be in working order so you can slide them open.

If a window is on the second floor, you might need equipment to help you escape. A good piece of fire equipment to have is an escape ladder that folds closed so it can be hidden from sight until there's a fire. When it's needed, the ladder can be opened and hooked onto the window frame so you can climb down to the ground.

If you have pets, you may want to buy an escape tote for them that's like a soft pet carrier you can lower from the second-story window. You might even use their own carrier as long as you tie a long rope to it securely so it can be lowered to the ground safely. For more information on fire equipment, contact a company near you.