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Heating And Cooling Solutions For Your Home

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Part of a comfortable home is having great heating and cooling solutions. Luckily, there are many to choose from. If you would like to know more, keep reading about these four popular HVAC solutions. 


Furnaces use electricity, gas, oil, or propane, and they are incredibly effective. They can quickly heat the entire home to high temperatures. Many furnaces come with additional features like zoned heating, humidifying, dehumidifying, purifying, UV light purifying, and much more.

Furnaces rely on ducts, and if you don't maintain the ducts, the system can become inefficient. Similarly, if you don't already have ducts, installing a furnace and ducts can become expensive. Finally, furnaces only heat the home. They cannot be set to cool.

Central Air Conditioning

If you have a furnace and want air conditioning, consider central air conditioning. You'll need a separate unit, but the systems work together, making it easy to use. For this reason, however, you will need ducts to use central air conditioning. Like furnaces, central air conditioning units are effective and can quickly cool your home.

Heat Pump

Despite the name, a heat pump can heat and cool your home. However, heat pumps are not as effective as furnaces or central air conditioning units. They are more expensive than a furnace, but they are cheaper than both a furnace and a central air conditioning system, and they cost less each month to run because they are more efficient.

There are two types of heat pumps: air-source and geothermal. Air-source heat pumps pull heat from the outdoor air and pump it inside. Geothermal units pull heat from the ground. This makes them more effective but more expensive to install.

Mini-Split System

If you want a furnace and central air conditioning system but don't have ducts or you want a more efficient system, consider a mini-split system. These systems rely on multiple indoor wall units and one outdoor unit.

You'll need an indoor unit for each room or zone, and the units can be bulky. However, they are more efficient because they don't rely on ducts. You can also create zoned heating and cooling, which can save you more money.

Everyone wants a comfortable home without spending a fortune. Regardless of the type of HVAC system you choose, you need to keep it maintained and cleaned. If you would like to know more, contact an HVAC service, such as Trane South, today.