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Consider These 3 Factors When Choosing A New AC System

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Regardless of how well you service your air conditioning system, a time will come when it will lose its efficiency. So, if your system continuously costs more to maintain and repair, you should consider investing in a new unit. That said, it is best to take time and learn about newer models if you have not been in the market for an AC system for many years. You should also assess the features and pick the ideal unit for your home. You should always consider these three factors when choosing a cooling unit.

What Is Your Ideal Speed Setup?

The speed at which a unit blows and circulates air around the home is crucial to your comfort level. In this case, you should consider a system with a multi-blower speed or a variable-speed blower. Typically, there are five different speed settings available on a multi-speed blower. It's best to picture this as a ceiling fan with a few different settings. That said, the multi-speed blower in modern ACs is superior to the single-speed model in older models, but it still has its limitations. On the other hand, electronically-controlled variable-speed systems are the cutting edge of ventilation technology, allowing for infinitely customizable airflow and utmost convenience.

What Type of System Suits Your Needs?

During the warmer months, there are two primary options for cooling the entire house. The first is a central air conditioner, which takes in hot air from the home, vents it outside, and then brings cooled air back inside. The second choice is a heat pump, which works similarly but may warm your home in the winter by reversing the process. Whatever system you choose depends on your needs and budget, but both have unique advantages. For instance, if looking for a unit with duo-function, you can opt for a heat pump. On the other hand, you can choose the central system when you only need cooling.

What Sizing Will Adequately Cover the Square Footage You Want to Heat?

Choosing a new air conditioner is no easy task, and it's best to involve an AC installation expert. If you fail to do so and go for a unit that is too tiny, it will not meet cooling demands adequately. As such, having an expert perform a load estimate is your best bet. Ultimately, this will identify the right-sized air conditioning unit for your home based on its square footage, windows, insulation, and other considerations.

If you are in the market for a new cooling system, consult an AC installation expert and find out what features will be ideal for your needs. Remember, the last thing you want is an impulse purchase that you might regret as it cannot meet your cooling needs.   

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