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About The Drains In Your Home

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One of the parts of maintenance that you want to stay on top of with regards to your plumbing is keeping the drains cleaned. Making sure they are clean can prevent a good number of issues from happening. Some of the issues can be minor conveniences, but others can become big problems that will cause you to need the services of a professional plumber. Here are some of the things that can happen with drains that aren't cleaned the way they should be and some other advice on drain cleaning you'll want to know:

Dirty drains can cause foul odors

Have you ever walked into a kitchen or bathroom and smelled a foul odor you couldn't find the source of? If so, the cause may have been a dirty sink drain. The dirt collects down in the drain and can be composed of everything from grease and oil to meats and produce that will only become more and more foul-smelling as they rot even more in the drain. Cleaning the drains will remove all of this gunk that has been collecting in the drain and in return get rid of the smells that come with it. 

Dirty drains can lead to outdoor issues

When you don't stay on top of cleaning your drains, you can end up with drainage issues that cause water issues on the exterior of your home, including standing water that can create the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. Standing water can also become a problem for the house by causing water damage or even creating a leak in the basement. The water can lead to problems for your plants and flowers, and it can cause slipping hazards at all times of the year, especially in the winter if it turns to ice. 

Dirty drains can easily lead to clogs in the system

A major problem that can happen when the drains don't get cleaned as they should is they can lead to clogs in the system. They can become clogged drains that occur near the surface, but the blockages can also move further down the pipes and become stubborn blockages that are harder to deal with because they are deep within the system. 

Drains should be professionally cleaned

There are ways to clean the drains yourself, such as by using a concoction made of baking soda and vinegar or by using a household plumbing snake. However, the best way to have them cleaned is by having a professional plumber come out to use their professional equipment, such as hydro jet equipment which will remove all gunk and debris from the whole system.

If you need help with drain cleaning, contact a professional near you.